“The simple steps to get PERMANENT FREEDOM from financial stress to start living your ABUNDANT lifestyle TODAY!”




Goodbye_Mr_Ex_Intro_Web“I have known Marina for years, and have worked with her closely also. She has a real gift of knowing what question to ask in the right moment to shift you from anxiety, overwhelm and fear into peace and a real sense of freedom. Marina has a natural innate talent and anyone working with Marina, is truly lucky as she really wants the best for her clients and she really is the real deal. Thank you Marina” Rosanne Ainslie, Founder of XtraHand


Goodbye_Mr_Ex_Intro_WebI attended Marina’s workshop and didn’t really know what I was expecting, but I was really pleasantly surprised. We did so many personal exploration exercises and did one about money. That was very eye opening for me and it allowed me to see just how ridiculous some of my beliefs were then and just how much they were holding me back. From that weekend, I’m now so much more aware of my thoughts and what creates my experience. I am living life feeling much more free and abundant. I’ve had so much more work coming to me since the workshop. So if you want to free yourself of stress, then Marina is the person to work with. Vanessa Mclennan, Hpnotherapist and Vitality Coach


What you will walk away with after this 2 day life changing event  is: 1. No more money worries 2. Clarity 3. The key to your Abundant Lifestyle 4. Effortless results



Calling all Stressed Out Entrepreneurs, Hard-Working Professionals and Overwhelmed Heart-Centered Workers……….

Legacy-2012-447Hi my name is Marina Pearson known as The Effortless Living Specialist…. thanks so much for dropping by…the fact that you have means that you are either a stressed out entrepreneur, hardworking professional or a overwhelmed heart-centered worker……….

If you are, I want to share a story with you, so please read on…

For many years, I was barely making ends meet as a coach and a trainer. I was one of the thousands of coaches out there who was barely making a living to support myself from what I was earning in the business…


I invested over £40,000 in my business and NEVER saw a penny back, and with that: I was ready to quit.

I was ready to flush the dream life that I had been wanting to live for so many years down the toilet.

I felt like such a failure, and couldn’t understand why all the outside help and advise that I had received from so-called experts wasn’t working.

I wasn’t getting the speaking engagements I wanted and I wasn’t really making a difference. Instead I was stressed out, tough to be around and wishing that I was someone else, leading someone else’s more successful life.

Believe me, I had been on all the money courses, seen a lot of experts who would advise me and yet the only thing that seemed to happen was that I would spend the money in the hope that it would give me the financial reward, only to find that it wouldn’t.

So I know what its like to perceptively well-off but to feel that there isn’t enough.


  • I gave THE first groundbreaking TED TALK on the principles.
  • I now have a business that sustains and nurtures me.
  • I got clear on the lifestyle I wanted and moved to Bali.
  • I only work max 5 hours a day and take a LOT more time off.
  • I am due to give birth this year.
  • I am now inspired daily and am enjoying the journey.

tap-moneyAnd if that wasn’t all enough – I no longer worry about money running out and I can only see more flowing to me!

I can truly say – with my hand on my heart – that I am living the dream NOW that I had always imagined living years down the road.

I was asked the other day: “If I had all the time in the world and money, what would I be doing?” And the answer was easy – I would be doing what I am already doing! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now I am not saying this to brag, I am sharing this because…………

I know its possible, and during, this 2 day event in London called Your Pathway To Abundance I am going to be sharing the difference that made the difference and the CRITICAL ingredients to make this possible for you too.


So if you are a stressed out entrepreneur or hardworking professional who

  • Would love to open your eyes every morning and feel constantly excited about your to do list?!
  • Finds yourself sitting at a computer screen all day with copious amounts of coffee by your side just to keep you awake, wishing you could find yourself on a beautiful white sandy beach, drinking cocktails or drinking hot coco with the mountains as a view.
  • Dreads going into your online bank account every month because you are reminded that you never have quite enough and it triggers the feeling of always needing more.
  • Lives in frustration more often than not because you see others achieving, and being further ahead than you, while living their dream. And you keep wondering “What is wrong with me?”, “What do they have that I don’t” and “All I want to do is serve others, why does it seem so hard to do this?”
  • Worries about cash-flow as your bank balance keeps telling you that consistency is something hard to achieve, based on your current financial history.
  • Wishes you could have more play-time with your kids or take time off to spend it with loved ones without feeling guilty, but instead you find that demands keep mounting and you cannot find a way to make the space.
1897925_10154086025370595_7826615692724674923_nYour Pathway To Abundance (5th – 6th July 2015) in London is the perfect 2-day event designed perfectly for you

This 2 day course is the missing link to creating exactly what you want and more! During Your Pathway To Abundance you will


  • Discover the TRUTH of abundance and what money is really for so that you can align yourself to it instead of struggling against it to create what you want.
  • See that your well-being and is NOT linked to your finances so that you can create more of an impact effortlessly.
  • Deeply explore what success is for you so you can have it NOW.
  • Un-earth the difference between goals that will re-pell what you want vs goals that will allow you to attract what you want effortlessly.
  • Create your lifestyle vision and roadmap unique to you. Once you get clear on what are non-negotiables for you in terms of what you are not willing to compromise on, you will only BUT enjoy the journey!
  • Dissolve any money beliefs that keep you in the worry and in a place of lack, by turning on your personal money tap, so you can have money flow to you effortlessly without end.
  • You will free yourself from the Money / Spirituality / Purpose Double-bind that keeps so many people from making a great living doing what they love.
  • Get clarity on what your abundant and wealthy future holds for you so that you can manifest it effortlessly.
  • Fall in love with yourself and who you are to feel deserving of what you want for yourself and loved ones.
  • Start taking inspired action, versus “having or should” actions so that you have endless energy.
  • Relieve yourself of your money pressures and your commitments to having to generate more – which is never enough – so you can be at peace and let go of the worry.
  • Much Much more…


  • Getting excited by your online bank statement as money just keeps flowing in effortlessly month after month after month. by serving clients who are desperate to work with you.
  • Waking up every morning giving gratitude to the fact that you are now serving clients you love and who love you, while wondering how you could have ever worried about not creating the dream life you NOW live.
  • Wondering how you could have ever worried about money or fearing you didn’t have enough because you are now experience an effortless overflow!
  • Leaving the drudgery of work behind to enjoy the perfect lifestyle for you whether that be skiing in the mountains, sipping pina coladas on the beach or running workshops and clients globally.
  • Spending the time you have always wanted with your family and friends: putting your children to bed, taking them to school, playing with them in the park, as well as creating incredible memories with your loved ones.

What would that do for you?

The truth is this:

Once you realize you don’t need anything, you’re free to have whatever you want. ” Ian Watson

Most people believe that money will give them the security they seek, and therefore completely misunderstand what money actually is. They chase money and success, but it’s NEVER enough.

The truth is that you can make more than you ever dreamed of by doing less and enjoying yourself in the process.

But most entrepreneurs and professionals make 3 big MISTAKES: (Does this resonate for you?)

  • They chase the money – thinking that their well-being comes from it.
  • They think that success is a destination that involves lots of money in the bank.
  • They are not clear on the lifestyle they want and create a full time job for themselves that involves work, work, work and NO play and no room for their loved ones.

The problem is that as they tie up their well-being to money and success (as I used to) and they have less than they want, they get stressed out and think that there is something wrong with them and/or they feel like a failure if they don’t have the success that they imagine in their heads.

This has massive re-percussions on

  • Their health and inner peace
  • Their relationships
  • Their self-esteem
  • Their ability to generate the results they want

The cool thing is, is that I have decided to create a 2 for 1 deal until the event so you can share the love with people that mean a lot to you.

2-for-1You buy a ticket and you can bring someone along for FREE!

How cool is that? (You will not only be making a difference to your life, but you will be able to do the same for someone you care about!)  BUT HURRY ONLY LIMITED TO ONLY 30 PEOPLE!

BuyNowButtonGreenBUY NOW: EARLY BIRD PRICE: £297 (VALID FROM 12th – 17th MAY 2014)




Goodbye_Mr_Ex_Intro_Web_copy_2“I really wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful gift last month! Before we spoke i was feeling overwhelmed and lacked clarity on what i wanted to do! this was merely my guilt of being a mum to 4 kids, running 2 very successful businesses and the desire to follow my passion!

In as a little as under 2 hours you made me to listen to my inner voice and I have to say the insights i had were phenomenal. I was able to realise that my guilt of feeling like a failed mum because of my daughter’s diabetes and feeling like she had not accepted it. I realised that this was all part of the plan for my life, my true passion is to make a difference in the world and living with Diabetes and being her mum, is all part of the process, … it qualifies me to be able to support other mums, other kids, teenagers, adults with diabetes who struggle to cope with it! Wow it was mind blowing! Marina you helped me to accept this as my gift, purpose and the true fuel for my passion. I left feeling purposeful and that I could live effortlessly ! Thank you for everything, My life now feels like its on track.” Tina Allton Founder of Circle Podiatory


“So it’s nearly 1 month since Our Pathway to Wisdom w/end that Marina hosted. Ahh such beautiful feeling of ease & lightness that I’ve had resonating within me since then. I’m enjoying pausing to feel how things resonate , observe what I see & most importantly listen what I hear within. I had a beautiful moment of wisdom soon afterwards I decided to go part time at work – that way I can make space & devote more time in doing what I live most – Ear Acupuncture, Addiction Support work, Relaxation Therapy & Laughter Yoga – perfect solution & such an easy decision after many months if deliberation & feeling mega stressed.

Since making that decision it turns out that another colleague is also contemplating part time work so now it’s likely that we can Jobshare. I’ve made a new connection with someone who works at a local addiction centre that offers Ear Acupuncture & well-being groups. Also out of the blue I’ve received my 1st Relax Kids booking in 2 yrs from a local mum who’s seen my Relax Kids car around locally. I’ve also have had an invitation to do a Laughter Yoga session at an energy healing evening. Hmmmm …. Coincidence? Nah …just in flow I guess … Marina you are absolutely right Detachment does lead to flow and letting go the flowstoppers has been a godsend. Thanks Marina” Jacyee La Bouche, Entrepreneur


Goodbye_Mr_Ex_Intro_Web“I  met Marina briefly at an event and during our brief conversation I had a light-bulb moment thanks to Marina’s ability to get you to seek your own answers. Following this, we agreed to have a one-to-one. Marina quickly put me at ease and in a brief time had me drawing on my inner resources and wisdom to see past some challenges. Marina asked insightful questions which got me thinking – during the conversation and since. Marina then ensured that I had some additional resources to help me work through things going forward, but always made sure that the real learning came from an internal place rather than from her. I look forward to working with Marina in the future to ensure that my introduction into ‘thinking in the moment’ and living through my ‘inner wisdom’ is embedded and long-lasting.” Denise, Image Consultant.


“How do you turn your abundance money tap on and let it flow endlessly WITHOUT attachment?”

966073_10153546081425595_1898813869_oWell that’s why I am excited about Your Pathway To Abundance as it will keep on answering this question, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

WARNING: This 2 day event will be very different to any money events you might have been to in the past as this event is about letting go of money and seeing that it has its place, but that its not what will make you happy – TRUE Abundance is an inside job and that’s what we will be focusing on during the 2 days.

So if you want to create EFFORTLESS ABUNDANCE as I have, then come along.


And here is what I am willing to do for you, as I really would love you to be part of this EXTRAORDINARY journey.

**I am going to add 2 EXTRA special bonuses valued at £696**

skype_logoDuring these 45 minutes together you will….

Start to let go of your financial woes & worries to call on your inner abundance to free yourself of the constant stress.

Get clarity on what your heart TRULY desires vs on what you THINK you want to let go of goals that you repell vs goals you can attract.

Leave with 3 clear action steps as to what you need to do next to move you forward.



I am going to be recording the 2 days and you will receive your very own copy of the audio recording for FREE so you can listen to it OVER AND OVER AGAIN!




money-back-guarantee100MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – I know that many people are willing to pay good money for their development, while others may see this as a barrier.

IF for some reason you are not absolutely over the moon about the event, then you can let me know via email 2 days after the event, I will refund you the money, no questions asked.

This means you can invest the money in yourself, without the fear of any financial risk to you WHATSOEVER! Which means you can make your decision to come with absolute confidence, knowing it’s the right decision.


And if there is still some doubt in your mind…

I would like to just say that there is always a choice we can make, but do you want to listen to your WISDOM that KNOWS the way or your LITTLE VOICE that wants to keep you small?

I hired a coach this year for £25000 and my god did I go back and forth – but I trusted my wisdom and the RESULTS have been incredible – beyond what I thought was possible….and what I think is possible is changing all the time.

But here is the thing – if you don’t explore you will never find out.

So there is a part of you that is saying – YES I really want to come – LISTEN TO THAT! That is your wisdom – which NEVER gets it wrong!

However, if you here yourself thinking – but its way too much money!

Then just take a step back to see whether this thought of thinking is exactly why you are where you are? That voice – the voice that wishes to keep you small, will keep doing that if you let it.

I am not saying this to manipulate you into anything – I am just saying this as I have seen and heard it all too many times! And its SUCH a shame seeing people get in their own way because they are SO much more than they realize and their dreams are so much closer than they realize.

And with that they stay where they have always been – at best NOTHING changes at worst their dreams die with them.

This 2 day event is to create the space for you become your very own ABUNDANT DREAM MAKER so you can step into your new life of ABUNDANCE and WEALTH.

Testimonials About Past Events:

Caroline Ainslie, Founder of Bubbly Maths, UK



BUY NOW: EARLY BIRD PRICE: £297 (VALID FROM 12th – 17th MAY 2014)